In the dark hallways of the New Yorker Hotel, Maryland-born singer-songwriter Carmen Yates stumbled upon the studio of Icelandic tech-wiz, Thor Jonsson (aka “Thundergod”). That same day, phone numbers were exchanged, with the assumption that the two would never see each other again.

A few days later, after having failed to find a competent producing partner for a Super Bowl commercial, Carmen dared to knock on Thor’s door again. By Carmen’s power of persuasion and the promise of a lucrative payday, Thor quickly caved in. Through dedication, commitment and the occasional loud verbal exchanges; the two went on to write and produce for television, films, and a myriad of recording artists in the coming years.

One night, while performing a solo gig, Carmen dared Thor to join in. Dropping off his 1962 Fender Mustang bass, Carmen egged

the saga:

Thor on to conquer the instrument; and thus, Racing Rain was born.

Certain, however, that a female vocalist/musician was needed in order to complete the band’s sound, Carmen began searching. As dumb luck would have it, he spotted an upright bassist maneuvering through the crowded subway station at Lincoln Center.

Running to catch up, Carmen took a leap of faith and introduced himself. Upon learning the keen appreciation the two had for each other’s musical talents, as well as much common ground, Ali Cook joined Racing Rain.

In search of a second female vocalist, Carmen eventually found Christina “Ninja” Kim via

Al Gore’s invention, The Internet. She came to rehearsal, sang, and after the quickest audition in history, became an official member of the band.

“A unique combination of singer-songwriter, classical upright bass player, texting/keyboard playing/violin playing ninja, and multi-instrumental computer wiz…and yes, everyone sings!”

new album:

Racing Rain recorded basic tracks at Flux, New York City earlier in the year and has continued overdubs at DampCellar Studios in Montclair.

Look for it in the near future.

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